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Journeymen solar system

Dear organizer,
We would proudly present to you the Journeymen Solarsystem.
Journeymen Solarsystem is a 1100 watt energy neutral soundsystem.
In sunny weather conditions, Journeymen Solarsystem can play all day long on full power with a full remaining battery.
In clowdy weather conditions or at night times, Journeymen Solarsystem can play at full power for approxymately 9 hours using the battery.
Enough time to build a nice outdoor party.

Journeymen Solarsystem carries his own energy source. Journeymen Solarsystem is packed and ready to be moved in under 5 minutes.
Journeymen Solarsystem can also be used for broadcasting purposes.
Dj's and singers will interact on a lively way with the audience to ensure an original Jamaican Soundsystem experience.
Long story short: Journeymen Solarsystem is the ideal extra programm, entertaining the people with warm and sunny reggae sounds.

For more information, check out the Journeymen Soundsystem website on
For the Journeymen Soundsystem 10 year anniversary roadmovie click here:

For Bookings please send an email to
or call +31641674168 (Rutger Meijer) or +31612749160 (Mathieu Keuter)

Hopefully we will meet you this summer!

Jah Reggae Greetings from the Journeymen Promoteam.

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